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Mellotone JX5477-36 - Oxblood Red - Grill Cloth

Mellotone JX5477-36 - Oxblood Red - Grill Cloth
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Genuine Mellotone grill cloth.

Description: Poly strand fabric. Comes in 36" wide sections.

Colour: Dark red oxblood style similar to material used on some Fender amps. All grill cloth sold by the running yard (36"x36").

Main photo shows material in front of a black background, second/alternate image shows material in front of a white background.

Since each monitor has different settings and photographs may have been taken with different lighting some small variations in colour may be observed.

  • Mellotone fabrics assure these advantages:
    • Unobstructed, distortion-free passage of sound.
    • Dust-resistant/mildew-proof
    • Minimal fading
    • Easy cleaning with vacuum or damp cloth
    • High tensile strength of individual fabric that will not sag or buckle when properly installed

Material: Polypropylene Weave

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